Our father, Nasri Nehmeh, founded Nina Pita in Haifa, Palestine in 1936. Combining both his skills as a baker and blacksmith, Nasri developed innovative ways to produce artisanal pita according to a traditional family recipe. In 1958, he patented his invention of a cyclical automatic oven and by 1964, the production was fully automated.

Heart and soul

Nasri put his heart and soul into the bakery, named after our sister Nina. Today, as a second-generation family business, we are dedicated to following our father’s mission to produce the best artisan pita in the world. From our bakery in Haifa and our cold storage center in the Netherlands, we provide customers all around the world with an artisanal pita that is slow baked in a stone oven, made from the highest quality natural ingredients. We continue to grow the family business, with the same passion that our father had.

From ovens to hearts:
The Nina Pita family journey.

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Our pitas are all around

Nina Pita’s unique and varied selection of pita bread is the ideal choice for food service and retail businesses around the world. Since our founding, we gained a loyal customer base in Israel, and we have gone global with customers in Europe, the US, and Japan.

Our growth continues to rise.

We have expanded operations globally, with a cold storage facility in the Netherlands that serves the entire European market. Our team in the Netherlands, led by Marlies Wolters, combines their passion and experience to bring artisanal pita to European food service and retail operations. We continue to serve our customers a wide variety of unique pita bread options.