Artisanal Pita

Our products range from small cocktail pitas to XL pitas, as well as round, oval,  and oblong shapes. All products are available in wheat or whole wheat pita bread, with wheat za’atar breadsticks as the latest innovation.

If you would like to provide your customers with an artisanal product that is slow baked in a stone oven, made with the best quality all-natural ingredients, according to a family recipe over 80 years old, then you should have them experience Nina pitas!

Heart and soul

Pure ingredients: flour, water,
salt, yeast, fiber

Clean label: no preservatives
or food additives

Slow baking process

Stone oven baked


Certified quality for foodservice and retail

All products
are BRC certified

Nina Pita is certified kosher
with the Landa certificate from Bnei-Brak

Nina Pita is certified

All production processes meet
the highest kosher standards